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The Sovereign State of South Florida joined the Caribbean League in 2034 shortly after CAS split off from UCAS.

The state consists of Miami-Dade County, Monroe County, the eastern edge of Broward County, and the south-eastern corner of Palm Beach County (including Boca Raton, but not West Palm Beach). The border was set by CAS when they quickly built the "orange curtain" across the peninsula in 2034.

The population outside Miami dropped significantly once retirees stopped moving to the area in large numbers post-independence, and the existing retirees slowly died off.


Harold Goldsmith was elected to his second term as Governor in 2056 at the age of 99.


Boca Raton[]

Boca has an Atlantean Foundation office that will pay double market price for anything provable as coming from the Bermuda Triangle.[1]

Fort Lauderdale[]



Comments on Shadowland claim Miami is run (or used to be run) much like a mob town by the Gunderson Corporation, at least before the corp's demise. Main money comes from tourism; main illegal money comes from drugs, gambling and dock revenue.

The re-formed JHIH (Johns Hopkins Institute of Health) maintains a Caribbean Division headquarters in Miami, as well as Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and Cockburn Town (Turks & Caicos Islands).

The Keys[]

Home to the Novilunio pirate organization, run circa 2060 by Chispa.

The Everglades[]

While it theoretically belongs to South Florida, the Everglades are more/less ungoverned, and home of SINless - including some powerful Gator shamans, and paracritters of all sort. It is a smuggler haven. The awakened plants that grow in the Everglades are apparently well-sought after by many magic user - and thus comes out at fairly decent price on the black market.[2]

However, those are not so much easy target, as a group of the Gator Shaman, named Crunch Time [3] have swore to protect the place. The core of the group is made up of maybe only 20 people, but most magically active. Of course, on top of that, they also counts up to hundreds of supporters in the region, all dedicated to protect the Everglade from modern world abuses, such as pollution and magic harvesting. Their leader, at least in late 50's, was a dude call Jacare - aka Bernard Heldannic.[4] 

It's not confirmed, but there indeed a somewhat resilient rumor that Crunch Time would be made, at least partly, by some toxic shaman. The attack at Turkey Point power, that blacked out Miami in the early 60's, is certainly a hint that there might be some toxic activities in the vicinity.

Along the rumors running strong, there is so called increase of disappearance in the Everglades in the early 70's. The rate of SINless in there disappearing has apparently went through the roof, to a point where the local authority even mentioned "doing something about it", but what is the incentive for the Sovereign South Florida to care about a bunch of SINless people, smuggling in their backyard ?[5][6].

Officialy no corps have set up shop in the Everglades, but Shiawase however has a lot of workforce nearby, working in agriculture for Shiawase Envirotech. Ares Consumer Products is also quite present in the region.


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Cyberpirates! describes the "orange curtain" going up around the greater Miami metroplex and than across the state north of the Everglades. Boca Raton is also listed as within South Florida, while maps of North America show that the city of West Palm Beach itself is still in the CAS.


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