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South German League 2038 and 2044

The South German League was a political entity that existed from 2038 to 2044. It consisted of the former German federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.
These traditionally very conservative states openly opposed the acceptance of metahumans and the influx of Eurowars refugees. When their opinions went unheard on the federal level they declared their independence from the Federal Republic of Germany.
Attempts to incorporate Switzerland and Austria were rejected by the respective governments.

The anti-metahuman policy led to the Troll Wars in Baden-Württemberg. The trolls, who fought a guerilla-style war in the Black Forrest against the militias of the SGL and the mercenarys from MET2000, used massiv nature magic to wreak havoc on their racist enemies. This led to fatal earthquakes, that destroyed Karlsruhe and also to volcanic activity which devastated the Eifel. After Württemberg separated from Baden, which was almost deadly hit, the trolls declared the creation of the Black Forest Troll Kingdom.

The SGL's end came when proposed laws for tightened economic government control angered the SGL's corporate backers.


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