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The Southern Guard is a Ork and Troll-owned private company based in Atlanta, (Georgia) in the CAS

The Southern Guard is a private security company based near Atlanta (Georgia), in the ork and troll community of Sweetwater Creek. It is owned by trolls and orks, it's executives are orks and trolls, and it employs only trolls and orks. New recruits undergo 6 months of basic training and if they make the cut, they are then assigned to work in Sweetwater Creek for anywhere from one month to 2 years while they receive more advanced training. Once judged ready they are sent to a site elsewhere. They have dozens of metahuman friendly companies and organizations as clients, and have expended to the UCAS, France, England, and Spain. Due to them being an ork / troll company they do experience a varying levels of resistance from anti-meta politicians, interest groups, and extremists. The company has the distinction of being a trog company that has been given an A-rating by the Corporate Council.[1]

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