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Space is still a very dangerous place even by Sixth World standards. Despite this the megacorporation are pursuing limited manned exploration with a number of facilities in Earth or Lunar orbit. There is also at least one facility in Solar orbit, and a small base on Mars.


AresSpace has 5 to 7 manned facilities in space.[1] Fuchi Orbital is owned by Novatech. [2] Mitsuhama builds robot for space.[3] Renraku weakest area is aerospace, despite owning Ganbare Aerospace. [4] Saeder-Krupp is Ares' largest aerospace competitor. [5]

In the late 2040s, James Yavin (a former NASA astronaut) left AresSpace to start Astrotech Industries which has since become a serious competitor to AresSpace. [6]

Getting there[]

Spaceplanes and shuttles still require heavy booster rockets, and the cost of a space launch is around 1,000 ¥ per kilo of payload.[7]

  • Devil's Island space launch facility (Proteus AG) opened in 2057.[8]
  • Ecuador space launch facility (Proteus AG) opened in 2061.[9]
  • Hong Kong Space Port (Pacific Prosperity Group) constructed in 2060.[10]
  • Kodiak Island Spaceport (Ares) in Alaska, Athabaskan Council.[11]
  • Space City, Alabama, CAS.[12]

Mount Kilimanjaro Mass Driver (Corporate Court) proposed before 2062,[7] operational before 2068, and serviced from Nairobi, Kenya, "the Gateway to Space".[13] The laser-assisted magnetic mass driver system is able to fire small light vehicles into orbit, at a payload cost of around 20 ¥ per kilo.[7] Due to the acceleration involved, the mass driver cannot launch living subjects, or especially delicate cargo.

Space Elevator (Corporate Court) Under construction in November 2072. Scheduled to begin operation in 2074, with an occupied space-side habitat by 2076. It was suggested that the Mount Kilimanjaro mass driver might be decommissioned once the space elevator is completed.[14] While regular cargo could traverse a space elevator in a couple days, living and delicate cargo would take around a week to make the trip up or down.

Manned facilities[]

Low Earth Orbit[]

There are around fifty manned stations in LEO (150 – 2,000 km). The most notable are:

Geosynchronous Orbit[]

The altitude required to remain stationary over a point on Earth (37,000 km)

Lunar Lagrange points[]

Lunar LaGrange points

The L1 point is around 85% of the distance to the Moon (~326,000 km from Earth). The L2 point is around 16% (~61,500 km) further out than the Moon. The L3, L4 & L5 points are in the Moons orbital path; L3 is opposite the Moon, L4 is 60° ahead, and L5 is 60° behind.

The Moon[]

Orbits around 384,000 km from Earth.

Deep Space[]

  • Terrestrial (Earth-Sun) LaGrange points
  • Mars[32]
    • 2011 July – Operation Discovery, a secret NASA 8-man mission lands on Mars.[33]
    • 2011-12-24 – NASA's primary module crashes from Martian orbit, killing five.[33] [34]
    • 2063-09-16 – Evo (formerly Yamatetsu) lands the Valentina Tereshkova and sends back live footage. [35] [36] Anatoly Kirilenko was the ships pilot.[37]
    • 2070 – Evo's Gagarin base is in operation.
    • 2071 – Gagarin has been officially renamed New Japan.[38]
  • Europa
    • Ares was planning a mission for 2064.[31]
  • Asteroid Belt
    • Saeder-Krupp is planning a mining mission.[31]


Earth orbit[]

  • Angel Satellite Constellation[39]
  • Asgard[40]
  • Hubble II[41]
  • Saeder-Krupp solar energy collectors [42]

Deep Space[]

  • Hailey's Comet
  • Mars
    • 2001 Aug.–Oct. – NASA probes take the pictures later revealed by Dunkelzahn's will.[33]
    • 2042-06-07 – Ares launches the Project Cydonia series of probes to perform detailed scans.[43] [44]
    • 2042-12-08 – NASA Veil agents within AresSpace intercept and destroy all data from the Cydonia probes.[43] [44]


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