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Spatter is a hire-able Shadowrunner in Shadowrun (SNES).


Spatter is an average to above-average Shadowrunner in nearly all categories. Unlike most other mages, Spatter actually has pretty good attacking power and firing speed. You can even upgrade his weaponry for better performance. Spatter's HP and MP are average, as are his spells. He has a good balance of healing, offensive, and defensive choices, all at decent levels. Spatter would have a difficult time surviving as your lone Shadowrunner, but wouldn't be bad if you wanted a firepower-heavy party with some magic thrown in. His Armor spell can be especially useful in deadly situations.

If you have Spatter in your party when you reach the fourth floor of Drake Tower, he will suddenly betray you and start attacking. At this point, whether you kill him or leave the floor, he will disappear from the game forever and cannot be hired again. This means that you can never use Spatter above the third floor of the Drake Tower or in the Drake Volcano, which would both be useful areas to have a Mage with the Armor spell. This factor, when combined with his average abilities and the availability of cheaper offensive Shadowrunners, means that you're probably better off passing on him.


Location Wastelands Club
Attack Power 6
Accuracy 1
Defense Rate 1
Firing Rate 0.83 shots / second
Weapon Type Light Pistol
Price Negotiation 0-2: 2000 Nuyen
Negotiation 3-4: 1800 Nuyen
Negotiation 5-6: 1500 Nuyen
SR Multiplier 4, 5
Base Duration 40 Battles
Max. Duration 70 Battles


Attributes Skills Equipment Spells Other
Body: 6
Magic: 8
Strength: 4
Charisma: 1
Firearms: 4
Negotiation: 2
Warhawk Pistol
Mesh Jacket
Powerball: 5
Heal: 3
Armor: 4
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