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Special Information Services (SIS) is an independent intelligence agency; a private corporation which conducts espionage and intelligence-gathering on behalf of its clients. SIS is based in the CAS. It is quite possibly the most "mercenary" of the private intelligence corporations, and focuses on operations and services over data collection and analysis, which is the wheelhouse of fellow private spy shop, Aegis Cognito.

SIS provides intelligence-gathering and analytical services and consulting alongside other intelligence corporations such as Aegis Cognito, ARGUS, and Knight Errant. It possesses access to intelligence gathered within Aztlan. SIS has recruited many Seraphim who escaped to takeover of Cross Applied Technologies by Ares in 2064-65. With these operatives, they are also attempting to poach members of Esprit SDEI who are not happy with Aztechnology taking over the French megacorporation. SIS also maintains extensive ties to MCT, and thus in part to the Yakuza. They are often used for media suppression operations.

They maintain a large training facility at Harvey Point, NC CAS where they train company assets, but also provide contract training to other intelligence services—national, corporate, and private. These programs even extend to the training of some of the covert operatives known in the shadows as "Mr. Johnson."


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