The Speed Dolls are an all-female gang based in the city of Hamburg in the Allied German States.

Membership: 150

The Speed Dolls are a females-only go-gang and members can be of any metatype. It is currently led by Siyan Lu of the Red Dragons with Charlize (right hand and former leader), and Jaqueline (technician). Siyan Lu defeated Charlize in a duel and per the rules of the Speed Dolls, became their leader. The gang is currently aligned with the Red Dragon Triad who pay them well and provide them with equipment, but there are factions in the gang which have maintained their contacts with the Likedeeler or Vory. Which has resulted in a tense cold war in the gang between the three factions.

It's a gang that drives around in tuned-up vehicles. Members like to change their looks and are usually up to date on cyberware. The gang owns workshops where they customize vehicles (both legitimate and illicit) and run auto chop shops. Members participate in illegal racess and steal automobiles. It also has business relationships with other female criminal outfits.


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