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Spiders Ganger

The Spiders (aka, Spyders) are a gang based in the Seattle sprawl.

Membership: 50-100


The Spiders are a multi-racial gang led by Widow, a female Spider shaman. that hates bug spirits with a loathing that is visceral and personal. Every single member had at one time fallen into the hands of the Universal Brotherhood and all have been traumatized by the experience. Killing bugs with others who also hate bugs, is a form of therapy for the members. It's an extremely violent gang, one that is lethal and operates silently. Recruitment is done by snatching prospects off the streets and indoctrinating them over several days, using brutally effective methods.[1] It's a gang of wild-eyed paranoid crazies.[2]

Life in the Gang[]

The initiation ritual consists of a vision quest to meet Spider. If they survive they join the gang, if not they die within days. They then must prove themselves by completing a specific task, which involves keeping the territory bug-free. Next they need to kidnap a potential recruit and help in the brainwashing.

To become a lieutenant they must kill an insect spirit singlehandedly. At least 5 fellow gangers must be informed of the plan and will accompany the individual to witness and if necessary help if he is losing the fight (though if that happens the ganger is prevented from advancing to lieutenant for at least a year, during which time he must prove himself).

Bug-hunting expeditions are financed by petty theft, acting as criminal middlemen (fences, couriers, etc), and organlegging (from failed recruits who died in the initiation ritual).[3]

Recent Events[]

Due to their method of recruiting (kidnapping and brainwashing), the gang has become one of the largest in Redmond. As there appear to be no more "bugs" in the area, the other gangs have begun targeting the Spiders. Which has forced them to go quasi-underground.[4]


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