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Spike babies are individual human, animal or plant meta-types born before the conventionally accepted dates for the first appearance of said meta-types.

Magical theory contends that they were born during a "spike" in the ambient mana or magic levels prior to the normal levels required to support and maintain their meta-type.

For example, the general return of in 2011 coincides with Unexplained Genetic Expression—when the first generally known elves and dwarves were born—and the first appearances of many para-critters.

The first well known example of the spike baby phenomena was the existence of the Century Ferret, so named since it was first discovered in 2000.

Less well known to the public, but even more interesting, are spike baby elves:

  • Dodger – an elf running Seattle's shadows, who remembers watching the broadcast of the fall of the Empire State Building in the 2005 New York City earthquake. This puts his birth in the 1990s or earlier.
  • Liam O'Connor – an elf born in 1979
  • Luther von Hayek – an elf from Nosferatu
  • Maria Cinebal – an elf born in 1998
  • Sean Laverty – an elf who founded the Xavier Foundation in the late 20th century. He appeared to be in his twenties at the time, putting his birth sometime before 1980 (if he is not in fact an immortal elf).
  • James Telestrian III - an elf born in the early 2000s.
  • The Xavier Foundation – An orphanage/boarding school for "special children". It was later discovered that the children (Dodger and Maria amongst them) were spike baby elves.