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The Spikes are an all-troll go-gang based in Seattle.

Membership: 50+


The Spikes were founded by the infamous elf hater Lord Torgo and recently they've started founding chapters in other cities, in order to overtake the Ancients as Seattle's largest go-gang.[1]

After Lord Torgo was imprisoned for murder, his continuous leadership was challenged by other gang members, who were more interested in making nuyen then killing elves. While the gang leader was put in an isolation cell and finally died there, a minotaur with purple colored fur took over leadership of the gang. This new gang leader calls himself BTO, a short form for "Babe the ox".

The Gang Life[]

The gang's colors are black, dark brown and red.[2] New recruits don't earn their place in the gang until they kill an elf, any elf.[3]

To the Spikes combat shotguns are sidearms and squad automatics are rifles. They carry axes, machetes, and chainsaws into battle.[4]

Gang Territory[]

Their turf is in Tacoma, especially the southern part of Interstate 5 (Tacoma-Fort Lewis area), where the go-gang targets Tir Tairngire traffic using "Mongolian" tactics of attacking as a riding horde, full speed ahead, from their motorcycles.

Police Conflict[]

The gang clash with the Metroplex Guards on Intercity 5 at a regular basis. It is known as one of the meanest gangs in Seattle, and also one of the most skillful. Whenever there was a clash between the two, it was always the Metroplex Guards who went home limping.[5]

Gang Wars[]

The Spikes often clash with the Ancients.[6] The gang has had a bloody feud with the Ancients as far back as anyone can remember.[7] They destroyed another elven gang in Seattle, the Silent P's.[8]

Criminal Enterprises[]

The gang occasionally hires itself out as muscle, runs protection rackets, and does a bit of low-level drug street sales. They have greater ambitions and are courting bigger criminal organizations to generate more business opportunities.[9]


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