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Spinrad Industries (SPIN)


Rating AA
World Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
President/CEO Johnny Spinrad
Chairman of the Board Johnny Spinrad
Corporate Status Private Corporation
Major Shareholders Johnny Spinrad

Spinrad Industries (SpIn) is an AA-rated megacorporation with its principal headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. The corporation is privately-owned and operated by the jet-setting corporate mogul Johnny Spinrad.


Spinrad is on diversified megacorporation that is on the cutting edge of cybernetics. It's founder/owner Johnny Spinrad hates the Great Western Dragon Lofwyr and waged a 20-year campaign against Sol Media, ending in his takeover of the company.

The corporation has ties to the Triads, specifically the Large Circle League. It has a partnership with the Triad, in which they smuggle illegal components into the city for Spinrad and in turn the corporation does the installation surgeries for the triad.[1] Now that the Large Circle League is a vassal of the Red Dragons, Spinrad is connected to them if only by proxy.[2]


Spinrad Industries was found in 2024, when Johnny merged SpinCorp and Industry Futuristes.

In 2026, Spinrad starts to invest heavily in cybernetics and biotechnology following Johnny's second spinal surgery, the result of a racing collision.

By the 2040's, the corporation had its hands in fashion, luxury items, art, sports, and tourism.

In 2051, Spinrad led a small group of corporations, who won a bid for the French government's Monaco Reconstruction project and a fifty-year lease on the principality. It was shortly after this crowning achievement that information was leaked to Sol Media's Madeleine Müller that Spinrad Industries had been performing illegal experimentation in Marseilles by Spinrad R&D. The French government brought a case against SpIn before the Corporate Court, which fined the corporation two billion nuyen and downgraded SpIn from AA rating to A rating, penalties which nearly ended the corporation entirely.

However, Johnny Spinrad and SpIn survived. By 2063, Spinrad Industries began to recover with its Spin-X line of sports and fashion cyber and Techwarrior, a military cyber suite. It engaged in partnerships with Soroyama in Japan and made inroads back into its old media and luxury markets.

By 2072, Spinrad Industries, reacquired its AA rating from the Corporate Court. This coincided with its becoming a member of both the New European Economic Community and the Manhattan Development Consortium. It began rapidly expanding and engaging in joint ventures with other megacorporations around the world.

Following the announcement of the Corporate Court's megacorporate audit in 2077, Spinrad was one of the most aggressive AA-rated megacorporations to acquire or merge with other corporations in order to shore up and expand its global revenue and assets. Among its new acquisitions are Regency Megamedia, Aegis Cognito, and Lusiada. Its purchase of Sol-Media was seen as the culmination of Johnny Spinrad's twenty-year grudge to strike at the media conglomerate that nearly destroyed his eponymous corporation.

In 2080, after NeoNET was dismantled in the wake of the Boston Lockdown, Spinrad Industries merged with Global Sandstorm to become "SpinGlobal," and with the resources of the combined megacorporations SpinGlobal received NeoNET's seat on the Corporate Court and AAA status.

Major Corporate Divisions[]

  • Marduk Industries (Dubai, Arabian Caliphate)
  • Spinrad Industries America (Manhattan)
  • Spinrad Industries Asia (Macao, Canton Confederation)
  • Spinrad Industries Europe (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Spinrad Industries Latin America (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Spinrad Industries Oceana (Jakarta, Javanese Republic)

Major Subsidiaries[]


  • Bodyline
  • JS
  • Soroyama
  • Spin Shop
  • SpIn-X
  • Spinrad Systems


  • Biotechnics
  • Phoenix Biotechnology
  • Nunoo Health
  • LusoServices Medical


  • CNI
  • Chalmers & Cole Associates


  • Asia Online
  • Europe Online
  • Lusiada Telecom
  • Trompe L'oeil
  • UCAS Online


  • Regency Megamedia
  • Sol Media
  • SpIn Public Relations
  • Spinrad Media
  • Trideo Monte Carlo


  • Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses
  • Gaziers de Marseille
  • New York Marauders
  • Ottawa Arsenal Footbal Club
  • Sport Lisboa e Benfica


  • Javert & Cie
  • Monte Carlo Casino, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
  • Warwick International Hotels

Other Significant Subsidiaries[]

  • Aegis Cognito
  • Luxe
  • Lusiada Infrastructure
  • Lusiada Naval Interests
  • Lusiada Técnica
  • LusoAgronomica
  • LusoServices
  • Lusiada Security
  • PetroGas
  • Spinrad-Lusiada Foreign Operations

Foreign Investments[]

Along with its own divisions and subsidiaries, SpIn holds ownership stakes in several other corporations and joint ventures around the world.

  • AG Chemie (9%)
  • Ain Beni Mathar Integrated Thermo Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant (33%)
  • Le Consortium for the Development of Québec (12%)
  • European Javanese Development Cooperative (40%)
  • Fatima Petrochemicals (20%)
  • Manhattan Development Consortium (7.7%)
  • Worldwide Shipping (50%)


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