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Sport in the Sixth World resembles that of the preceding era to the same degree as many other areas of life: it is more violent, and full of controversies involving cyberware, magic and metahumans.

Cyberware and metahumans have become mostly accepted, but magic is still illegal; physical adepts however are usually accepted, but are relatively rare.

The Olympics suffered a major setback in 2032, following the Crash, EuroWar and disintegration of the USA; they were canceled in 2032, and officially revived only in 2044, and at the same time, opened up to multinational corporate teams.

Most of the Fifth World sports are still being played in the Sixth. There are major league sports:

  • baseball (allows cyberware since 2032)
  • basketball (allows limited cyberware since 2047)
  • football (allows limited cyberware since 2047)
  • hockey (the version played with skates on ice)
  • soccer (the most popular international sport)

New sports include:

  • Combat Biker
  • Court Ball (mostly in Aztlan)
  • freestyle one-on-one combat
  • gladiator combat (mostly in Aztlan and Asia)
  • Hurling (mostly in Tír Tairngire and Tír na nÓg)
  • Stickball (mostly in NAN)
  • Urban Brawl (the second most popular international sport)

There are numerous professional sports leagues, many of which have become international organizations following the breakup of the United States and Canada, and some became international through eventual expansion overseas. Most of the largest professional sports leagues continue to exist in some form.