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St. Louis is a divided City on the border between the United Canadian and American States and the Confederation of American States.

Vital Statistics (unofficial)[]

(The population and demographics stats here represent the entire St. Louis Sprawl, including the E. St. Louis Barrens where many of the Orks, Trolls, and Dwarfs live in over-crowded tenements of blight and squalor)

Population: 2,008,089 
  Human: 64%
  Elf: 8%
  Dwarf: 6%
  Ork: 17%
  Troll: 5%
  Other: 1%
White: 51%
  Jewish: 11%
  Irish: 9%
  Italian: 5%
  English: 4%
  German: 25%
  Polish: 2%
Black: 47%
Hispanic: 1%
  Puerto Rican: 3%
  Aztlaner: 51%
  Colombian: 2%
Asian: 1%
  Chinese: 21%
  Vietnamese: 23%
  Asian Indian: 13%
  Japanese: 8%
  Filipino: 11%
  Korean: 5%
  Thai: 2%
  Hawai'ian: 2%
Amerindian: 0%



Novatech subsidiary Epoxitech suffered an explosion in its St. Louis Factory. 9 were killed and 25 injured in the explosion, which also resulted in the evacuation of nearby citizens to avoid the dangerously toxic smoke. Epoxitech was the last of 3 Novatech companies producing a resin used in their top of the line cyberdecks, leaving competitor Renraku as the sole manufacturer of suitable resin.[1]


Due to its position and because it's a divided city, St. Louis has become a sandbox for diplomats, members of the various intelligence agencies, spys, policlubbers and political hot heads from the South as well as from the North, both interested in a re-unification of the city (as part of their own country).

Districts (unofficial)[]

  • Alton
  • Berkeley
  • Clayton
  • Crestwood
  • Downtown
  • East St. Louis Barrens
  • Florissant
  • Granite City
  • Jefferson (CAS)
  • Maryland Heights
  • Oakville
  • Ferguson
  • Mehlville
  • Bevo


St. Louis is positioned at the joining of the Missouri and the Mississippi River, with the latter being known for its hellbender population.[2]


Famous sites include the Gateway Louis Arch and the Saint Louis Zoological Park.



St. Louis's baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, play in the North American League (NAL)'s Central Division. [3] The Urban Brawl Team, the St. Louis Slaughter, was the first team to have a perfect season when the beat the Detroit Nightmares in the first Urban Brawl World Cup in 2046. [4]


While during the 60's the Kozlowski Family from New Orleans tried to expand their business to St. Louis,[5] the criminal underworld of the divided city is dominated by the local Mob and especially the Mareno Family which originated in the 1930s. The Marenos are particularly involved in matrix infrastructure and use the black Matrix service provider GatewayNet as a front for their money laundering.[6]

Shortly before the Crash 2.0 renegade otaku group Ex Pacis, led by the AI Deus's former lieutenant Pax, held a “recruitment drive” involving member Amor's ritual murder of three otaku, one of them a young girl.[1]


A waypoint in the route from Seattle to New Orleans, St. Louis is infamous as one of the North American smuggling hotspots. The route from St. Louis to Seattle is called the Long Weekend, while the route back from Seattle to St. Louis is known as the Big Sky. The route down to New Orleans is called The Gauntlet, or less commonly, the Throat.[7]


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