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The Steppin' Wulfs are a gang based in Los Angeles

Origins[edit | edit source]

Before the flood, the Steppin' Wulfs were based in the Barrens in the Harbor. The area east of the 110 and south of the 405. They were totally out of control, the craziest thrill-gang in all of Los Angeles. If they caught someone on their turf who didn't belong, they killed them. Fortunately, usually their minds were so strung out on something, that they couldn't keep their psychotic minds on what they were going to do to you.[1]

Today[edit | edit source]

Membership: 30

In the post-flood Los Angeles, the Steppin' Wulfs are gang of psychos whom are hyped up on cyberware, drugs, and bioware. Totally insane and lethal, they love to fight and are led by a mad scientist/street doctor who uses the gang as test subjects, to try to create the most dangerous lifeforms. Members will attack each other if they lack victims. They now claim what used to be West Covina, which is now a slum filled with SINless refugees.[2]

The founder of the gang, is a brilliant scientist known as Seymour the Invincible. He used to work for the Shiawase Corporation but was fired. Everything he is doing with the Steppin' Wulfs is part of his insane plan to create an army of super-soldiers, made up of the cybernetically enhanced. He doesn't participate in the violent activities of the Steppin' Wulfs, only takes notes and cybernetically modifies them. Those who join the gang are the lost souls who are looking for a place to belong, which he offers in exchange for them agreeing to be cybernetically modified.[3]

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