Sticks is a founding member of the Jackpoint peer-to-peer network, an Ares Macrotechnology i.e. Knight Errant ex-employee and bounty hunter.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He's a human, hailing from somewhere in far east Asia. His mother was an unwillingly member of the triads, maybe a prostitute, and he was raised in an Ares orphanage. Later he became eventually an employee and maybe corporate citizen of Ares Macrotechnology, working for Damien Knight and especially Knight Errant as a bug hunter in Chicago and other places around the globe. After some falling out with his employers he became a bounty hunter, who made home in Seattle, tracking down wanted criminals as well as dangerous critters and insect spirits.

Contacts[edit | edit source]

Sticks still mentains some of his old contacts inside Ares. He has some working relationship with the orkish occult investigator Lt. Laine James from Lone Star in Seattle as well as with the MacAvoy Mob of Chicago. He also worked for Don Cosimo de Lecce, Capo of the Italian Sacra Corona Unita, delivering a deadly message to the 'Ndranghetta as well as towards the Grey Wolves. He also had a love affair with Rosa Azul, the elven lieutenant that is leading the Los Angeles chapter of the Ancients gang.

Writing for Jackpoint[edit | edit source]

He added a lot of shadowtalk comments to various shadowfiles, published on Jackpoint. Fastjack addressed him also to write some chapters for various of the shadowfiles, he uploaded there:

  • Feral Cities - large amounts of the "Chicago" chapter
  • Vice - "The Triads" chapter pp 65–74
  • Corporate Guide - the chapter on his former employer "Ares Macrotechnology"

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