Sting Upper Body

Sting is one of the legendary leaders of theSeattle chapter of the Ancient’s go-gang, with her long-time co-captain and rival, Green Lucifer, having left the Sprawl recently to take over West Coast operations. She’s been a head of Seattle’s premier all-elf gang for longer than many of her underlings have been alive, and there’s a genuine sense of confidence beneath her street-rat aggression. She’s had her razortipped fingers on the pulse of Seattle for decades, and nothing the Sixth World has thrown at her has really rattled her, yet. Deep down, she’s getting tired of  command. Green Lucifer getting a promotion left her firmly in control of the Ancients, but without a co-captain to bounce ideas off of, to get a second perspective from, it’s running her a little ragged.

Sting has straight Copper colored hair, never going for the mohawks or green-dyed hair some other Ancients enjoy. She wears slashed up Ancients racing leathers with plenty of hard-edged spikes, chrome, chains, and the like. Sting’s a canny player and always pragmatic, but she loves the Ancients more than herself. It was the biggest difference between her and Green Lucifer and why they clashed for so long; she loved the gang, he loved ruling it. She sees Belial’s ambition, but she can also tell that he lives for the Ancients, just like she always did. While always more of a street-tough razorgirl than a full on street samurai, and lagging a little behind the "state of the art" curve, Sting’s still pretty nasty in a fight.

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