The Stone Toad (Bombina invisus) is an Awakened amphibian related to the yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata). It is approximately 30 cm long and weighs about 3 kilograms. It has short stumpy legs (which distinguishes it from common frogs), and typically is colored green-brown, offset by yellow green. It has a flat back and rough skin, which secretes dangerous corrosive secretions.

The Stone Toad primarily lives on small insects and invertebrates, like other toads. It is active from the spring and through to the autumn. In winter months, it hibernates under the surface of the earth. They typically live alone, except during mating season. It has no known natural predators (save for perhaps snakes that are tolerant of its toxin) due to its natural toxin and corrosive secretions.

The Stone Toad is rare outside of protected habitats due to hunters who either seek it for telesma (the ferric septal bone of the skull or the "stone" is highly prized) or for recreational intoxication.

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