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Stonebinders (Myotis saxi) are the Awakened form of the common brown bat (Myotis lucifugus). It resembles a large bat with a long barbed tail and an extended wingspan of up to 0.7 meters. The eyes are tiny and covered with a white film (the implication is that the eyes are vestigial and will probably disappear during the course of evolution).

Stonebinders are nocturnal omnivores, feeding on flying insects and fruit. It is not aggressive toward other creatures, preferring to flee with its superior maneuverability in the air. However, two defensive features of the stonebinder ensure that it is not disturbed by any natural predators. The first is its tail, which is envenomed with a potent toxin. The second and more deadly natural defense is its unusual spit. The saliva contains an enzymatic solution which calcifies living tissue into calcium carbonate. When the stonebinder spits on a victim, the effect is similar to magical petrification, thus giving the Stonebinder its name.

The stonebinder lives in the Northern portion of the North American continent. The stonebinder has become such a dangerous pest in North America, that countries like the UCAS have mounted wide-scale extermination campaigns to eradicate the creature. They possess a severe allergy to sunlight, which seems to be the only factor that prevents their spread.

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