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Critter Storm Dolphin.jpg
Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe

The Storm Dolphin (Delphinus periculosis) is an Awakened species derived from the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis). It resembles the common dolphin, growing 2.8 meters in length and weighing in at about 60 kilograms. Its dorsal surface is blue-black, with the ventral surface a lighter color. The storm dolphin possesses vestigial hind limbs.

Storm dolphins are diurnal carnivores that live in extended family groups of 6 to 20 individuals. The species suffers from a low fertility rate, with many stillborn or spontaneously aborted fetuses, often from unviable mutations. The storm dolphin is extremely hostile toward metahumanity. Storm dolphins often attack oil rigs, ships, and coastlines using their considerable latent magical powers of electrical projection and weather control. They are highly sensitive and resistant to magic.

Storm dolphins are found throughout temperate seas and oceans, especially around the North Sea, the Irish Sea, and the Baltic Sea. They are very rare in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. It is rumored that they attack metahumans on oil rigs and other polluting vessels as an act of revenge for their lost children, stillborn due to pollutants in their native waters.


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