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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The Stormcrow (Corvus procellae) is the Awakened form of the common raven (Corvus corax). It resembles a larger version of its progenitor, with a wingspan of up to 1.5 meters. It has long talons and a sharp beak, and possesses a raucous cry similar to its non-Awakened cousin.

Stormcrows are omnivores that congregate in flocks of more than 100 individuals. It is not uncommon to see stormcrows hunting or scavenging alone. Stormcrow flocks are often "ringed" by lone stormcrows that act as sentries for the flock, making it difficult to surprise a flock. Stormcrows typically subsist on moles and other burrowing animals, using its powerful beak the peck through the ground.

Stormcrows are rumored to be fascinated by shiny objects, much like their mundane kin. They are also rumored to possess weather predicting or even magical weather control abilities.

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