The best friend of many a 'runner, a street clinic is an illegal medical establishment, where SINless, criminals and shadowrunners can obtain medical services (often, through not always, emergency). The medical practitioners in those establishments are known as street docs.

Street clinics are ill-viewed by the more proper medical establishments, particularly DocWagon, due to their willingness to engage in unethical actions, such as using outdated or simply old bioware and cyberware, the use of banned or outright illegal drugs, a lack of sanitary operating conditions, and failure to pay the medical cartels their proper due.[1]

A street clinic can be distinguished from a body shop, which specializes in body modifications and cyberware installation. High end street clinics, just like high end body shops, may be referred to as "black clinics", whereas less savory ones can be referred to as "chop shops".

It can be a mistake to think that all black clinics operate on the same level. One such clinic, well-known in the Denver shadows, operates primarily from a public hospital, and its doctors are paid under the table. Others can be 'fly by night' productions, disappearing from their former instance only to open shop in another neighborhood entirely. Some may even have the tacit approval of the local authorities, though a runner in peril from those same authorities would be ill-advised to use that option.[2] [3] [4]

Larger street clinics may, but do not have to, include a body shop service, and may also have magical or spiritual resources.

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  1. Alright, you idiots should all know this already, but when you look for a street doc, use your common sense. Most of us made our living in some way or another before getting kicked to the curb by the 'respectable' crowd, so when you look for a street doc, you're probably looking at the dregs of the medical profession, the folks who couldn't manage to secure a tidy paycheck from DocWagon or the others for SOME reason. That doesn't necessarily mean we can't or won't fix you up, but CAVEAT EMPTOR. Never go to a clinic that promises the moon, never go to a clinic that specializes in blood magic, and above all else, never try to blackmail your doctor. Yes, I'm serious about that last bit. The stories I could tell... --Amargi
  2. Generally, unknown to their patrons, houses of ill-repute often have spectacular medical staff, not only to secure against STDs but also to deal with the attentions of their less savory clients. If you have an in with them, there are worse places to look for immediate aid. --Sabot12
  3. Do I want to know how you know that? --CreatesFoxes
  4. You do not. --Sabot12

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