Stuck’s Carnival

85th Avenue SE & SE 358th Street

For a night out in Auburn, visit Stuck’s Carnival, the district’s oldest casino and cabaret nightclub. You can play at the various gaming tables, enjoy drinks at the bar, or take in one of the various cabaret acts performing here. The Carnival is located on the outskirts of Stuck, a tiny “city” of six square blocks, created through a legal loophole in the incorporation of Auburn into the Metroplex of Seattle by businessman and entrepreneur Mitchell Stuck almost forty years ago. Mr. Stuck is also the mayor of the tiny municipality, and owner of all of its real estate. The seventy-eight year old Stuck has been known to act as master of ceremonies at the Carnival from time to time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Historically, the Stuck River ran through the settlement of Stuck, which (in the Fifth World) was a small pocket of unincorporated King County within southern Auburn.  Stuck was a railroad junction, and the area houses a large siding yard.  In 1906, the flow of the White River (which had a history of expensive flooding) was diverted into the Stuck's channel near "Game Farm Park".  King and Pierce Counties had many disagreements over who should pay for the damage of the river's flooding, who should maintain the river channel, and which channel was the "true" channel of the White River.

The street address listed for Stuck's Carnival, technically doesn't exist.  However, if you extend the road grid from nearby (which in the Sixth World would be Tacoma), you find S 360th St (running East-West), and 57th Ave S (Running North-South), if you continue heading east, you would get near (in the Fifth world) A St SE and 29th St SE, in Auburn, this is (as near as can be figured) the site of Stuck.  The Fifth World's Muckleshoot Casino is about half a mile away to the North East.   In the 2010, the area housed just under 1000 people. 


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