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Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression, or SURGE, is generally regarded as a second wave of Unexplained Genetic Expression or Goblinization that corresponded with the passing Halley’s Comet in 2061. Unlike Goblinization and UGE, which produced relatively uniform and predictable changes, SURGE produced many varied and radical changes in certain metahumans throughout the world. New features such as skin changes (fur, scales, color), sensory changes (cycloptic single eyes, third eyes, increased/decreased senses of touch, taste, smell), and somatic changes (addition of tails, horns, dermal armor, and other features) were magically produced in these individuals, called “changelings” by the mass media and popular opinion. In some places, SURGE caused the same drastic social upheaval as Goblinization and UGE with riots and discrimination, but in general, the effect on society was less fatal and dangerous as previous magical genetic expressions, probably due to familiarity.

SURGE also affected many species of Paranormal animals, resulting in the expression of such creatures as the Demon Rat, Horned Bear, Night Manta, and Shambler. It also created some new plant species, such as Glomoss and Sangre del Diablo.

After the passing of Halley’s Comet, SURGE expressions became rare to almost non-existent. It is expected that should the mana level rise again as it did during the Year of the Comet, SURGE expressions may experience another meteoric increase.