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Sumiyoshi-kai, daimon (Internet)

The Sumiyoshi-kai is a Yakuza syndicate based in the Philippines.


The Sumiyoshi-kai is one of the Yakuza factions that lost in the Yakuza War (2011), and were forced into permanent exile in the Philippines. When they arrived in the Philippines in the beginning of the Sixth Age, along with the other Yakuza clans they established opium fields which they have controlled since. Like the other Yakuza clans, they also enslaved Filipino women for the bars and brothels servicing the sex tourists.[1]


They are not a big syndicate, but they are influential beyond their numbers. It has good relations with most of the big corporations, including Chinese.[2] They also have good relations with the mainland Triads and Malaysian/Indonesian syndicates.[3] Sumiyosh-kai buys opiates from the Triads and is into smuggling drugs, cyberware, and weapons. They are also into piracy on the nearby seas of the Philippines, occasionally clashing with the Huk pirates due to them targeting some of the same maritime routes and coastal sites.[2] Recently they have joined two other Yakuza syndicates in an alliance, the Naheka-rengo.[4]


Since 2066, Naheka the Feathered Serpent led the Sumiyoshi-kai in their fight with Masaru's Huk. After the purge, he handpicked each member of the kai (brought in from the Shotozumi-rengo, the Mitsuhama Corporation, and the Hawaiian terrorist organization ALOHA). It was rebuilt to destroy the Huk Oyabun around the world. Sumiyoshi-kai has been reinforced by paramilitary specialists sent by the Four Oyabun of MCT and a magical order created by Naheka. Though the smallest kai, it's combat capabilities and tactics are far beyond anything the Yakuza have.[5] As of the early 2070s, many of the Yakuza members in the Philippines are so-called "souvenir babies", half-breeds of Filipino and Japanese descent.[6]


The Sumiyoshi-kai was founded in 1958. It is the second-largest Yakuza syndicate in Japan with approximately 20,000 members. Only the Yamaguchi-gum and three other foreign crime syndicates have larger memberships (all Chinese Triads).[1]


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