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Capital Bern
Government Confederation
Population 8,087,000
GDP (total ¥) Unknown
   (per capita ¥) 15,500CHF (¥31,000)
Currency 1 Swiss Franc(CHF) = 2 Nuyen (¥)


Sixth World[]

Switzerland is known for being a country which is hostile to metahumans and heavily regulates the use of magic. In the 2020s, a series of laws were passed that regulated the use of magic within Switzerland and stripped metahumans of their rights. It was on the German-speaking eastern cantons that metahumans were facing hostility and they were the ones who pushed the laws. The French-speaking western cantons were far more tolerant and accepting of metahumans. Which resulted in political strife between the two factions, and an eventual compromises in which the western cantons were able to opt out of the discriminatory laws. In the 2040s, things improved for the elves and dwarves in the German cantons but not for orks or trolls.[1]


  • 2005: United Nations moves from New York to Geneva [2]
  • 2022: The Metahuman Segregation Bill (MSB) which strips the metahumans of their civil rights and citizenship, as well as their rights to live
  • 2024: The Magic Regulation Bill was passed which nearly nearly exclusively limited the use of magic to corporate and government personnel
  • 2024: Renunifaction due to compromise in which the French-cantons opt out of the MSL while the German-cantons implement the MSL.
  • 2048: MSL amended to permit dwarves and elves Swiss citizenship in the German cantons.


Foreign relations[]


Corporate Presence[]


This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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A number of German-language sourcebooks have been published in Germany. One of them, Chrom & Dioxin contains information about Switzerland, indicating that is divided into a French-speaking and a German-speaking state, joined loosely in a federation. This book has not been translated into English. (Thanks to Joerg Sander for this information).