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System Identification Number or SIN refers to the method in which several nations and extraterritorial corporations (AA or AAA rating) in the Sixth World tracks the activities and identifying information of its registered citizens. These activities include criminal violations, licenses, legal business transactions, purchasing property, and similar activities. Due to all of the identifying information associated with a particular identity, a SIN functions as ones birth certificate, passport, credit history, medical records, legal records, and more. A SIN is issued at birth and, outside of extraordinary circumstances, stays with that person until death. The only way to get a SIN after birth is by an act of government, a very unlikely event.


The UCAS SIN was established in 2036 through the 14th Amendment to the UCAS Constitution, and several other nations followed suit with similar identification numbers. The term is probably derived from a combination of the old Social Identification Number (SIN) of Canada and Social Security Number (SSN) of the former United States.

While people without SINs are officially known as "probationary citizens" or "legal non-entities", a person without a SIN is referred to colloquially as SINless, a term that usually denotes an illegal alien or criminal. "Probationary Citizens" have no legal rights and are not allowed to vote. In the 2070s living without a SIN is nearly impossible as one cannot make purchases, get a job, or even walk through monitored parts of their cities. When a criminal is caught and cannot be associated with a legal SIN, they are issued a temporary criminal SIN for processing and record keeping.

Most governments and corporations in the world have adopted SINs or similar methods of identification, and frequently share their databases with each other. The actual numbers that compose a SIN are typically generated by various pieces of personal information, such as birthdate, state of origin and initials. A SIN is often associated with a person's credstick or commlink for ease of use, so that the credstick/commlink's owner can easily show proof of identity.

Global SIN Registry[]

By the 2070s, most countries participate in the Global SIN Registry (GSR). To do so, more than 90 percent of their recognized citizens must be issued SINs, which have to contain at least name, birthdate, birthplace, gender, and metatype. (The GSR does not require a biometric sample attached to a nation’s SIN.)

Notably, much of Africa does not participate in the GSR; the exceptions being Egypt, Azania, Asante, and Kenya.(Feral Cities, p.71)

SIN Format[]

A generic SIN format is 12 alpha-numeric digits in three blocks of four digits. This number is generated by putting several of a persons vital statistics through a complex algorithm, preventing two SINs from being the same. Just from examining the SIN number one could determine several key pieces of identifying information including: your name, birth date, place of birth, and nation that issued the SIN.



A petty thief in Seattle:

  • 29Δ7–36fΔ972-lk83◊0mv (Runner's Companion, p.173)

Olaya Cartel members wanted/watched by the IDEA.(Ghost Cartels, p.57)

Wanted/watched by Lone Star in Seattle.(Ghost Cartels, p.85) †

  • LS-6733-KK#782-Sea-69 – Kaz Yakamura, age 34, a Komun’go Ring lieutenant.
  • LS-6733-KK#782-Sea-69 – Dae, age 27, stripper/escort turned fixer.
  • LS-8457-JT#782-Sea-57 – Chulsoon Gray-Wolf, age 37, a Komun’go Ring leader.
  • LS-8457-JT#782-Sea-57 – Caine, age 31, gang leader of The Ragers

Wanted/watched in Hong Kong.(Ghost Cartels, p.120)

Wanted/watched in the PCC.(Ghost Cartels, p.120)

  • 122-890787-PCC-62 – Tse Ye Mu, age 35, Koshari syndicate.

Wanted/watched by Aztlán.(Ghost Cartels, p.153)

  • AZT-7644//ERDD/344 – César da Silva, Avenger shaman with Primeira Vaga.

Presumably the repeated SINs are typos.

Fake SINs[]

In order to function in the 2070s one needs a SIN, so criminal elements have made it their business to provide fake SINs to the SINless. SIN databases are remarkably secure but by the very nature of being connected to the Matrix they are exploitable. The more in depth and realistic the SIN is the longer the process takes to create it as it involves exploiting system loopholes, data fraud, and exploitation to get the number and supporting information registered with the appropriate authorities. For costs multiply the SIN rating by 2500¥.

Fake SIN Ratings[]

  • Rating 1 - Random; this SIN contains age, nationality, metatype and sex though none of this information may match your actual appearance. In terms of SIN verification these will typically pass tests to ensure that you have a SIN period, but not much past that point.
  • Rating 2 - Rough Match; With a rating 2 SIN the sex and metatype matches with age and nationality being close, though there is no supporting information. These SINs are good for passing basic redundancy checks on vital statistics.
  • Rating 3 - Good Match; With a rating 3 SIN your sex, age, and nationality match with actually supporting data but upon closer inspection it is clear that this supporting data is falsified. These SINs will pass basic redundancy checks for vital statistics and queries for supporting data.
  • Rating 4 - Casually Plausible; A rating 4 SIN affords you matching sex, age, and nationality with supporting data which passes basic inspection. These SINs pass all vital statistics with no obvious conflicts in supporting data.
  • Rating 5 - Good Fit; With a rating 5 SIN all statistics match and includes biometric samples (for another person) in addition some supporting data and history.
  • Rating 6 - Alternate Life; A rating 6 SIN includes all matching statistics, biometric data with samples, and completely believe supporting data and history.