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Source: Sixth World Almanac, 190

Tír Tairngire (as of 2062)
Government Type: Oligarchy
Capital: Portland
Leaders: High Prince: Lugh Surehand
Population 5,010,000
Human 4%
Elf 81%
Dwarf 7%
Ork 5%
Troll 1%
Other 2%
Per Capita Income: 25,000¥
Estimated SINless: 8%
Below Poverty Level: 26%
Corporate Affiliation: 10%
Less Than Twelve Years 6%
High School Equivalency 55%
College Degrees 29%
Advanced Degrees 10%
Major Ethnic Groups:
Major Languages Spoken:
English (85%)
Sperethiel (55%)
Major Religions:
Currency: Nuyen (¥)
Emergency medical coverage by governmental Medical Services Plan

Tír Tairngire


Birth of Tír Tairngire, 2035

2035: Formation [1]

The Council of Princes was forced to step down. The government is now run by the Star Chamber. [2]

Lugh Surehand is no longer High Prince, and is now on the run. [3]

Politics and Government[]

At its founding, the Tír was run by the Council of Princes, established by Lugh Surehand. Recently, however, the country has democratized and the Council of Princes has been replaced by the elected representatives of the Star Chamber. The current leader of the Star Chamber is Larry Zincan, a former prince and an ork. (circa 2070)

The national military and police force (Constabulary) are both part of the Peace Force.

Forces opposed by Great Dragon Hestaby in CFS. [4]

Foreign relations[]

  • Tír Tairngire was a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council from 2060 to 2065 [10]




Tír Tairngire did not sign the Business Recognition Accords. As such, megacorporations can only operate in Tír Tairngire through subsidiaries, which do not enjoy extraterritoriality. The Council of Princes used to require that corporate subsidies be partially nationalized, and owned at least 5% of any subsidiary.[11] This restriction has been lifted in hopes of revitalizing the economy. The head corporate officer must be a Tír subject unless the Council gives a special dispensation. The High Prince can allow a megacorporation to operate without these restrictions by giving a "Prince's Seal." Kokura Biotechnology was the last corp to receive a Prince's Seal, but it left the country when the economy tanked.

Much of this has changed with the recent political turmoil in the Tír. Although the country has opened its borders to further megacorporation investment, it remains to be seen exactly how the economic climate will settle in this now chaotic state.

The Tír sells most magical exports through Pentacle, a subsidiary of Mitsuhama. [12]

Corporate Presence[]



The Daisy Eater smuggling run leads into the Tír. [16]


This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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The novel Worlds without End is partially set in Tír Tairngire.