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Tír na nÓg
Capital Dublin
Government Theocratic Republic
Population 3,724,158
Land area
GDP (total) £122,897,214,000
(per capita) £33,000 (23,000¥)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Punt (£) 1.4 = 1¥

Tír na nÓg (Gaelic for "Land of the Young", actual pronunciation: Shir Nah-no-gh, common mispronunciation: Tear nah Nogue) is one of the Tir Nations. It is nominally a democracy, but in the background powerful family clans, the Danaan families, have much influence.

Tír na nÓg is well known as an elven nation. In parts of the country, a third of the population is elven. This comes on the one hand by elvish immigrants, however in the Tír na nÓg there is also an unusually high number of elven children born.


Tír na nÓg is located west of the United Kingdom, and covers the entire national territory of former Ireland and Northern Ireland. The country is divided in five provinces. Ulster in the north, Meath in the east, Leinster in the southeast, Munster in the southwest and Connaught in the west.


2014 Following magically enhanced terrorist activity, the governments of the U.K. and Eire sign the Treaty of Galway establishing the United Free Republic of Ireland.
2015 Schism splits the Irish Republican Army (IRA) into two factions: the Provisional IRA (led by Liam O'Connor, a "spike baby" elf) and the Official IRA. The Provisional IRA is incorporated into the state security apparatus, where it counters Protestant paramilitaries. It would grow into the core of the Tir Republican Corps (TRC).
2025 In Ireland, the "Walsh's hookers" scandal ends the career of three government ministers, two businessmen and one bishop.
2034 Formation of Tír na nÓg announced.
2035 Liam O'Connor becomes State President of Tír na nÓg.
2042 Liam O'Connor (President of Tír na nÓg) disappears from public life.
2049 The government of Tír na nÓg establishes the Church of Ireland, banning the Roman Catholic Church from the country.


The Danaan Families[]

The Danaan families—of Tuatha Dé Danaan, the people of the goddess Danu—controls the government of the Tír na nÓg. There are 22 of these families, from which eight are particularly powerful. These eight are called Danaan mór.

The families have very many elves in their ranks, even more than usual for the predominantly elven Tirs. The relations between humans and elves in the family is complex and covers the complete spectrum from love to hate.

Danaan mór: O'Donnell and O'Neill
Danaan: MacDonnell, McGuinness and MacSweeney
Danaan mór: MacMurrough, O'Toole and O'Byrne
Danaan: Fitzgerald (also in Munster)
Danaan mór: McCarthy
Danaan: O'Kennedy (also in Meath), Butler OF Ormonde, Roche, O'Sullivan and Fitzgerald (also in Leinster)
Danaan mór: O'Brien and O'Connor (also in Meath)
Danaan: MacDermot, Burke and MacNamara
Danaan mór: O'Connor (also in Connaught)
Danaan: O'Dunn, O'Molloy and O'Kennedy (also in Munster)

One representative for each of the Danaan families, and two for each of Danaan mór make up the Council of Stewards, which therefore consists of thirty delegates. The members of the council control the senate of the Tír na nÓg and governs the country. The members consist only of elves and only elves of the families are eligible to become stewards.

In exile[]

The Knights of the Red Branch are a Boston (UCAS) based group bent on restoring the Irish government to its original state.[1]


The people of Tír na nÓg broadly follow the Paths of the Wheel, a belief system based on the reincarnation of Elven spirits.


Corporate Presence[]

Tír na nÓg does not recognize Business Recognition Accords, the Corporate Court's standard for the meaning of corporate extraterritoriality.[2]


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  • Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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