Dragons p117. Seems that the Chinese Communist Party splintered in 2018.

Henan Province

Target: Awakened Lands p92. Run by a Neo-Communist government. Invaded and occupied the neighbouring Shaanxi province in 2062 then turned round and prepared to invade the neighbouring Shandong province before the intervention of Lung at Tai-Shan stopped them.

Dragons p114. The province is home to the Shaolin Temple- birthplace of Zen Buddhism, the Zhungyue Temple- one of the earliest Taoist temples and the Shonyang Academy.

Shaanxi Province

Target: Awakened Lands p92. Invaded and occupied by the Henan Neo-Communists.

Shandong Province

Target: Awakened Lands p92. Heavily industrialised. Wuxing, Mitsuhama and other corporate interests have operations in the province.


State of the Art 2063 p64. Imperial Kingdom of Beijing mentioned in passing.


State of the Art 2063 p64. The largest hangout and recruiting ground for mercenaries in the Far East. Main industries are the large casinos since they didn't go for attaracting large corporate investment like Hong Kong. The Yakuza and Seoulpa Rings are the big groups in the underworld since the Triads control Hong Kong although they've still got the local Triads. Major smuggling hub- traffic seems to be Chinese and Russian arms being sold to Guangxi and Vietnamese pirates, and heroin and Indochinese magical compounds heading up to Vladivostok.

Sichuan Province

Dragons p117. Militaristic, magocratic warlord state located in central China. Run by a General Liang who shot to fame defending the territory from Canton Confederacy raiders in 2042, was promptly promoted by the military to a generalcy and took over the place by 2044. Capital is Chengdu and although it has elections, a legislature, judicial system and calls itself a Republic, Liang runs the place with Lung running him. Unless you're magically active you're informally barred from higher position in the local government.

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