Why were there changes to this page that deleted relevant information (can be found if one goes back in the history a few versions) and now this page is slated for deletion? Edit: This is the version that still seems very relevant: Revision as of 14:37, 30 January 2006 by Felicity4711 Is there a way to just go back to this version and remove it from pages to be deleted?

Ah, it's a bit complicated. But it seems that the section "Geography" with the list of current and former NAN states was moved for some reason by User:Mshieh to the article "NAN Politics". The external article was than included back into "Native American Nations" using this functionality of the wiki {{:NAN Politics}} which displays the content of "NAN Politics" in "Native American Nations". Finally User:Piotrus flagged "NAN Politics" for deletion in 2008 on the grounds that the content was identically included in "Native American Nations", though I take it he didn't realize that in fact "NAN Politics" was the source of the content in this article. Now the only remaining content in "NAN Politics" is the deletion categorisation which is in turn included in "Native American Nations". Okay, so much for explanation, I'm going to fix it.
--Loki 11:11, 21 August 2010 (UTC)
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