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While this page page does credit the author of the material presented, permission to present that copyrighted material under any variation of the creative commons license was not requested. As such, this page is a copyright violation and is in violation of the licensing terms of this Wiki.

You need to ask first. 17:56, December 1, 2019 (UTC)

Shadowrun canon does not include...

  • A relationship between magic levels and geological catastrophes (Thera was an artificial disaster).
  • The evolution of homo sapiens.
  • A relationship between linguistic abilities and magic use.
  • A "precambrian astral barrier".
  • Power-sites linked to the metaplanes.
  • A "golden age".
  • The creation of the Shapeshifters.
  • Creating "magical guardbeasts".
  • Human mages turning themselves into dragons.
  • Any information on the development of early technologies.
  • Much of anything on the "First World",
  • The creation of the Adepts (or the origin of their powers).
  • The mundane domestication of animals.
  • The fate of the Windlings, Obsidiman, and T'Skrang.

This isn't even Fanon. This is a background timeline for someones personal campaign, If there's a section here for personal campaigns, it might go there - but it certainly doesn't belong under "shadowrun history". 2602:306:8072:51B0:1C56:3960:CF0A:E06F 21:23, December 7, 2019 (UTC)

There's really no good reason for it being there and was quite confusing for me as a user trying to find actual source information for Shadowrun prehistory. I've left the only bits that look like they are straightforward enough to be actual cannon. Even though they are still using the exact wording from the weblog, there is little enough that it shouldn't be a copyright issue. That said, I'm still unsure if the terms "The Metahuman Age", “The Age of Legend", and "The Shadowrun Age" are official terms from canon, I'm guessing they are probably not. As a note to other users, it would be very helpful if someone could redo this timeline using their own words, rather than ripping it from someone's weblog without permission. If anyone can tell me what source books contain this info I could do a rewrite myself. Cheers. Aikibujin (talk) 04:47, February 10, 2020 (UTC)