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Yomi Island decree?[]

I know there's a mention of the Yomi island decree in YotC, but where did the date come from? The closest I've seen is Fukatsu segregating metahumans following him being appointed governor (cp.64).

I've also get irritated at the "all metahumans shipped to Yomi" line from SR3. In Cyberpirates, I usually took it to mean Filipino metahumans, with the occasional Japanese metahuman "criminal" throw in, since it is being said by Masaru, someone who obviously has a bias. Of course, even this really doesn't hold up a lot since we hear stories in Cyberpirates and California Free State of metahumans being used as unskilled labor, getting shoved into substandard housing, and getting hassled all the time by security forces in the Philippines and San Francisco. A ork and troll Yakuza group made it's home in Australia, a territory under JIS control. There's also a mention in MJBB, in one of the campaign hooks (mbb.99), that getting their son shipped to Yomi was a voluntary decision for a couple of characters.

I tend to follow the JIS Project's line that metahumans are treated like illegal immigrants, with most having living a SINless nature in Japan, being taken advantage by criminals like the Yakuza and as cheap labor by the megacorps, and having a rather thin line legally to prevent them from getting throw into Yomi.

Yomi island actually is a penal colony, as it hosts several megacorp prisons (the only named one is Meifumado prison, owned by Shiawase; others are run by Mitsuhama, Renraku, and Fuchi). It's one of the islands that pirates get sent to if caught.--YoungFreud 14:41, 13 Mar 2005 (EST)

I agree with all that you are saying, I just wrote the information that I could find in the few sources I had available. I appreciate the edits, as it makes the entry a lot more useful. The Yomi island decree probably came from either Dragons of the Sixth World (in the Masaru entry) or YotC. Or maybe in one of the novels... I'm not exactly sure. It is interesting because when Sam Verner heard that his sister goblinized, he immediately knew she was shipped off to Yomi. It must be common enough to make him think that. Still, I hope that future canon entries in this particular article will clear things up. The main message to get across in the article is "This is the place of the damned that the Japanese deport their metahumans to, and it was liberated as the beginnings of the Huk revolution in the Philippines".
--Hahnsoo 01:56, 14 Mar 2005 (EST)

My big thing was that, unless the Japanese are a pure race like the JIS propaganda says and only had a few instances of UGE and Goblinization, then the JIS population of metahumans would equal something like 10 to 12 million. With the Filipino metahumans, that's another 9 million, so we're looking at 20 million in a postage stamp of an island. From the stuff we hear about from various escapees, the island's a concentration camp, but not a death camp (big difference), and even it's survivable (one of the shadowtalkers in Cyberpirates would prefer it to dodging warlord gangs in Chicago, especially because of no chance of insect spirits).
I'm going to keep the Yomi decree in there, since it's appearance in YotC. I do need to mention Meifumado among others. I might need to import the metahuman aspect of the JIS culture from the JIS Project sooner than I thought.--YoungFreud 06:46, 14 Mar 2005 (EST)
Well, it is described as "island of the damned" directly in the text, but not necessarily a death camp. It is definitely a concentration camp, as stated in most sources. One note about the Japanese metahuman population: If a rich or middle-class Japanese person found out they were going to have a UGE baby, what would they probably do? They'd probably get an abortion for the "defective" baby. So I could see the elven and dwarven population being reduced somewhat, compared to the goblinized (who express at puberty). The lower class and poor, who can't afford abortive therapy, would be stuck with the UGE babies, I'd imagine, along with the more "progressive" members of Japanese society. There is some mention of similar circumstances happening in other nations during UGE (the rich aborting their dwarven or elven babies) in at least the London Sourcebook, so it's not totally implausible. As far as the population of people on Yomi, I wish there were better statistics to look up. I'd imagine that many would die on the journey or shortly afterwards, like the African American slaves who were packed onto ships to the North American colonies.--Hahnsoo 07:45, 14 Mar 2005 (EST)
I'd also include "corrective" surgery for spike babies, considering minor facial reconstruction surgery many children get for a cleft palate. This could also drive the population down, as it would probably muddy things up a bit. Corrective surgery is mentioned when one of the shadowtalkers talks about one of the Shiawase execs, who's really an ork whose had his tusks removed, ears bobbed, and nose reconstructed. In fact, I have a feeling this might be a lot more common in the industrialized world (including Japan), especially amongst first-gen and maybe second-gen elves and dwarves and there probably should be rules for this, but that's a post on Dumpshock forums for that.
I remember the UGE reaction in other nations, but it wasn't an abortion campaign, but straight-up infanticide, mostly in third-world and borderline nations (like Serbia). T:WL hints about this when they mention that metahumans are nonexistant in Bedouin tribes.--YoungFreud 19:22, 14 Mar 2005 (EST)

Real life reference[]


I was pretty shocked, when I have discovered, that other polish SR fans don't know that Yomi Island is refence to WWII incident.
Maybe it should be mentioned here? Teenagers and people not familiar with USA / WWII history don't know that fact.
Just a thought