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Tamanous is a both a global organlegging crime syndicate and a legitimate company.

Annual Revenue: Millions[1]


Tamanous is a criminal syndicate that specializes in organlegging. It's origins are unknown but it first appeared in the city of Seattle, and over time spread around the world. It's one of the best connected and protected criminal organizations in the world, and one of the most secretive and most feared crime syndicates. Few of the leaders associated with the syndicate are known, and those that are known top the worldwide "Most Wanted" lists.

It is rumored that Tamanous is either run by ghouls or is associated with ghouls, due to the ghoul's dietary requirement for human flesh. Though the operations of Tamanous are worldwide, most of their business is in the Pacific Rim, Africa, and North America. Specifically in the countries of Southeast Asia, West Africa, southern Africa, and the UCAS. Major operations are running in the cities of Lagos, Rangoon, Phnom Penh, Manila, Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Tamanous is also present in Japan, Indonesia, France, Germany, Caracas, and India.[10][11][12][13][14]

Criminal Activities[]

Tamanous is a syndicate that deals in the niche market of organ legging, the buying and selling of metahuman organs. The syndicate is known to deal in despicable acts, from murdering SINless squatters to kidnapping "donors", from organ harvesting to "breeding" organs by serially impregnating enslaved women. It has had children as young as 5-6 years kidnapped for their organs and is known to harvest the organs of it's victims while they are still alive and awake. The organization runs fetus farms and clone banks.

It purchases in bulk hacked medical records, so they can locate people that have what they need, who will be then be kidnapped in the future when their parts are needed. Their clients include not only the street doctors and shadow clinics, but also rich people with sick fetishes or twisted needs, and corporate executives who require a bunch of specific test subjects.[15][16] To the ghouls, Tamanous are heroes for they have smuggled many a ghoul to safety in Asamando.[17]

Legitimate Enterprises[]

In the few countries where the Infected are given legal citizenship (e.g. Aztlan and Asamando), Tamanous operates as a legitimate enterprise which specializes in provided the infected with what they need. In Aztlan, Tamanous sells the Infected food which has been made from medical waste, bodies which they've purchased, and donations. They are not permitted to pay to have people murdered for their parts nor are they allowed to accept a body from the street of someone who was murdered. Tamanous owns a variety of legitimate businesses in these Infected-friendly countries including hospitals and a winery.[18]

Business Partnerships[]

Etymology of Tamanous[]

The name "Tamanous" comes from Pacific Northwest tribal cultures (an area roughly equivalent to Tir Tairngire, Salish-Shidhe and Tsimshian). For the Umpqa tribe, Tamanous was a single great spirit, a god, who according to myths created Crater Lake by making the mountain explode. For the Yakama, tamanous were guardian spirits protecting them and granting them vision. Last known reference is the Black Tamanous, a secret cannibal society that existed in the Kwakiutl tribe.


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