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The Tartarus Ring was one of the Seoulpa Rings in Seattle.

Membership: 20-30

Founded by Korean survivors from the Yakuza purge of 2043, it established its base of operations underground in what would become the Ork Underground. It was an organization whose membership was mostly of Orks, Trolls, and Dwarves, and it was rumored even Ghouls. They were into the manufacture and distribution of the drug "Shade", did some organlegging, and ran smuggling operations through the underground.[1] They had ties to the organlegging syndicate, Tamanous.[2]

The ring was not a large organization, with 20-30 members in the 2050s, comparable in strength to the Choson Ring and the Komun'go Ring at the time.[3] It was one of the rings that were destroyed by the Shotozumi-rengo in the 2060s. The Choson Ring absorbed the survivors of the destroyed rings.[4]


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