Teeg's one of the pros, a fixer at the top of his game, with connections all over the Seattle area. Unfortunately, he also has a gambling problem, something that has kept him in debt a little to often for comfort and has also hampered his otherwise great street rep.

Chummer's like Teeg are a diamond in the rough, a fixer that's willing to stick his neck out for his runners, go that extra mile, dig around a little and do what he can to keep the teams he finds work for from becoming next weeks special at the local chop shop. This comes from the fact that Teeg used to work the other side of the fence, was once the chummer on the other side of the table, getting paid to do the corps dirty work. He still does in a way, but as time wore on, his connections grew, and his age started to creep up on him, he decided it was time to sit back and pass the work forward. He's also sharp as a tack, extremely resourceful, and always tries to stay one step ahead of the game with connections that tend to give him the heads up on what's going on in the shadows.

Teeg's a human male in his early forties with short blonde hair that's starting to go white at the temples. A well trimmed goatee adorns his friendly face, which is often found wearing a smile. A pair of blue chrome cybereyes harkin' back to his days of runnin' the shadows, something that gives a striking contrast to his otherwise impecible dress and appearance. For all his boyish good looks, a few wrinkles have still managed to creep into his features, tell tale signs of the all to constant stress of being in debt to one mob boss or another.

Metatype: Human

B 2 Q 4 S 2 I 5 W 4 C 6 E 4.21 M 0 R 4 PR 4

INIT: 4 + 1D6

Dice Pools: Combat 6

Edges/Flaws: Friendly Face 1, Good Reputation 1, Compulsion (Moderate, Gambling) -2

Active Skills: Computer 3, Electronics 3, Electronics B/R 3, Etiquette 4 (Street 6), Pistols 3, Negotiation 7, Stealth 2.

Knowledge Skills: Corporate Rumors 4, Fences 4, Gear Value 6, Seattle Clubs 2, Seattle Johnsons 3, Shadowrunner Teams 4, Illegal Sporting Events 5, Underworld Politics 3.

Cyberware: Cybereyes (Alpha w/Image Link, Low Light, and Opticam), Datajack (Alpha), Knowsoft Link (Alpha), Headware Memory 200 MP (Alpha), Skillwires [4] 96 MP (Alpha).

Gear: SecureTech Armored Clothing (3/0), Yamaha Pulsar (Taser) 8D Stun, Pocket Secretary. (Assume Teeg has access to any reasonably priced gear with an Availability 12 or less he requires for personal use.)

Notes: Teeg tends to go through small time teams when doing biz, having them drop off gear, run errands, etc. Unless he trusts who he's working with expect most biz to go through third parties or to be conducted over the phone. Teeg's not one to generally do face to face meets. When he does though, Teeg will be accompanied by an ork bodyguard by the name of Stone, highly trained, cybered out, professional. Stone's also liable to be the one sent out on high risk errands where expensive gear is at stake. Hooks: Teeg can be used straight out as a reliable, trustworthy fixer for anything from small time to high paying jobs. The small time stuff will tend to be errands he needs run and generally won't pay much. He also uses such jobs to get a feel for new teams, test out their capabilites as well as professionalism before giving them the bigger gigs.

Teeg can also be used as opposition if his gambling debts get out of control and the mob decides they want him either dead or to learn a lesson. Tackling a fixer of Teeg's calibur should be a daunting task for many runners and could end up earning them a few enemies in the process, Teeg himself if he manages to survive, or any number of shadow runners that have worked for him in the past and come to rely on his services. Either way, fall-out could be expected.

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