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Tempo Drug being cut

Tempo is a Bioengineered Awakened Drug (BAD) manufactured from several awakened plants found in the temperate jungles of South America. The drug itself is described as a white powder with a crystalline shimmer.[1] It is commonly applied through adhesive patches, but can also be ingested. [2]

Tempo causes euphoria, an increased sense of empathy, and mild hallucinations. Additionally, many users have claimed that the drug allowed them to perceive astrally, even with no awakened talent.[3][4]

Tempo is highly addictive, both physically and psychologically. Over time, users will also build up a tolerance to the drug, requiring larger doses with greater frequency to achieve the same "high."[5]

In 2071, the Tempo-Drug Wars spiraled in a crescendo, driven by massive addiction and a lack of immediately apparent side-effects.  Throughout the later half of 2071, news reports regularly made mention of Tempo-related deaths, often numbering in the thousands.[6]  The social effects were so severe that Ghostwalker placed a hard ban on the movement of the drug through Denver in 2072 (ahead of the Olympics), although this may also have been due to Aztechnology's hand now controlling the production of the drug.[7]  Additionally, the PR fallout from the various smuggling rings was such that Seattle dropped Lone Star, a long-held contract, as their security handlers.

Since events in 2071, the creator of Tempo, Graciela Riveros, may or may not be working for Aztechnology, having been captured by them and a UN strike team on a raid which was publicly shown to have gone wrong.[8]



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