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The Tempo-Drug War was a series of clashes between underworld groups in the Great Sprawls of the Sixth World, from the powerful crime syndicates to the gangs. The battles that were fought worldwide in 2071 over the control of the trade with the new BAD Tempo that had caused a dramatic increase in the road force and employed security forces around the world.

The mob violence and the troubles over tempo had citizens of Seattle in an uproar, so the Brackhaven administration, brought into office to provide order, blamed Lone Star for the debacle at their feet and canceled the metroplex’s contract with them. Governor Brackhaven then announced Seattle’s new security contract with Knight Errant.

Similar to Seattle's change of security, the UCAS as a whole switched services in the aftermath from Lone Star to Knight Errant, while the CAS, amusingly, did the exact opposite.  The various drug wars also resulted, in part, in a much harsher crackdown than usual in Denver, a major funnel for smuggling operations of these types.

Major Tempo Drug Wars[]