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Ten Thousand Lions (branches and smuggling network)

The Ten Thousand Lions is a Triad based in Hong Kong, which used to be a street gang and is now one of Hong Kong's major triads and a worldwide crime syndicate.


The Ten Thousand Lions are a young Triad, one that was formed in the last decade by a half-Chinese, half-Filipino Ork Shan Chu by the name of Rizal Fei. As recently as 2068 it was one of the many street gangs which pledged its loyalty to the Yellow Lotus. After the near destruction of the Yellow Lotus, the 10,000 Lions created a new Triad formed out of the survivors of the destroyed Yellow Lotus gangs.


The Ten Thousand Lions include pirate crews, smuggling rings, and metahuman gangs. It's power base is in the metahuman areas of Hong Kong within the Kowloon Peninsula (especially the Kwan Tong district). An area with a large population of mainland Chinese refugees and a mixed immigrant and refugee population from Vietnam, the Philippines, and India from which it heavily recruits.[1][2]

Criminal Enterprises[]

While all of the Triads in Hong Kong include metahumans and foreigners to varying degrees, the 10,000 Lions are the first Triad to give metahuman gangs real power and the first to establish their main operations in foreign refugee communities. They are affiliated with Wuxing, Inc. and the last remaining Yellow Lotus lodge is now affiliated with the Ten Thousand Lions. While they are involved in a variety of criminal activities, their main source of revenue are BTL chips.[3][4][5]

The Ten Thousand Lions smuggle BTLs into markets throughout the Pacific Rim, wherever they are illegal.[6] Like the other Big 4 Triads of Hong Kong, it's also involved in the Golden Triangle drug trade.[7] It has expanded into Europe via the rising Sino-Vietnamese Triad in France, the Clan of the 51 Gorgons based in the city of Marseille.[8][9] They are also one of the Triads that are expanding in Russia, one of their known branches is in Vladivostok.[10]

Criminal Network[]

  • Pacific Rim: The Ten Thousand Lions serve the role that the Yellow Lotus used to do, which is smuggle and distribute the BTL chips from Wuxing. Therefore their smuggling operations extend throughout the Pacific Rim, except for where BTL is monopolized by other syndicates and/or BTLs are legal (e.g. Aztlan and Southeast Asia).
  • Miscellaneous: In the UCAS, they have a presence through the Yellow Lotus which is affiliated with the Ten Thousand Lions. Across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, an affiliate of the Ten Thousand Lions are the Clan of the 51 Gorgons giving them a stronghold in France. Closer to home in Southeast Asia, through the Yellow Lotus they have a strong presence in the Golden Triangle.


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