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Tenochtitlan (as of 2056)
Population: 17,766,900
Humans: 65%
Elves: 15%
Dwarves: 7%
Orks: 9%
Trolls: 1%
Other: 3%
Size: ?
Population Density: 490/km2
Per Capita Income: 19,200,000 Pesos
Below Poverty Level: 30%
On Fortune's Active Traders List: 4%
Corporate-Affiliated: 66%
Felonious Crime Rate: 15 per 1,000 per annum
Less Than 12 Years: ?%
High School Equivalency: 34%
College Degrees: 31%
Advanced Degrees: 17%
Hospitals: 75
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: Regional Telecomm Grid Access: Aztlan
Tenochtitlan from Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rulebook.png

Streets of Tenochtitlan

Tenochtitlan (formerly Mexico City) is the capital and largest city in the Central American state of Aztlan.


In 2011, the Mexican government dissolved due to chaotic events surrounding the first outbreak of VITAS and was replaced by a provisional government. In 2015, the Aztalan party was elected under the leadership of Francisco Pavon y Guetterrez del Cordoba, who favored a renaissance of the ancient Aztec culture that had once flourished in Central America. A devotee of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, under Fanciso Guetterrez Mexico became the nation of Aztlan, and Mexico City was given its former name, Tenochtitlan.

The City[]

The capital is one of the largest sprawls in the world with over 20 million. It's heavily polluted and overcrowded, with an astral environment that is equally polluted.[1] Due to the heavy pollution everybody wears a breather when they step outside. If you don't unless you are heavily cybered, you will collapse within minutes and end up in the emergency room. When it rains, the residents wear acid rain-resistant ponchos.[2] In Aztlan, you can legally wear armor and pack weapons that is illegal in the rest of the civilized world, and visit a bar or restaurant without earning a glance).[3]

When it comes to the architecture, you have cutting-edge skyscrapers that are side by side with Aztec-style buildings and retro-Mission style high-rise buildings. Then there are the really old buildings still standing from the 20th century.[4] As for the Burbs, they vary widely from decrepit ramshackle tenements where the residents eat worse than the devil rats do at one extreme and the luxurious, exclusive high-security communities at the other extreme.[5] It's a city with 5 main temples of the Path of the Sun and numerous other small ones.[6] In the city as of 2072, there were 60,000 priests of the Path of the Sun.[7]

Corporate Center[]

Corporate Sector[]

In the center is the Corporate Sector, which has a very big police presence. Streets are acid-scoured but clean. The area is full of the busy corporate types. It's a highly productive area, where people are constantly working and talking about work.[3]

Corporate Communities[]

The corporate employees live in corporate complexes known as castillos (castle). Nearly everything a person may want or need is inside the castillos; medical centers, restaurants, theaters (live and trideo or simensense), daycare centers, bars, fitness clubs, and "comfort stations".[2]


In Aztlan, the police (Aztech Corporate Security) assumes everyone is armed to the teeth and therefore have equipped themselves to be able to handle anything. They are armed to the teeth and have no qualms about taking care of a problem by using the quickest and most effective (lethal) methods possible. The police are on average far better armed and equipped than police elsewhere, with their equivalent of SWAT having military-grade heavy weaponry.[5]




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