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TerraFirst! (TF) is an eco terrorist organization.


TerraFirst! was founded in North America and is now an international network which operates mostly in the Americas and Europe. They interact and receive support from many similar groups such as the Japanese Gutaisaku, the Dutch Noorderlicht, and Earth Liberation Front.

It consists of autonomous cells that have 3-8 activists each. They execute raids on corporate headquarters, mining camps, polluting facilities, logging camps, and fields of biotech crops. Scientists, corporate executives, and government officials who demonstrate no remorse for the pollution they caused or allowed, receive beatings or are even murdered. They run guerrilla camps across the world, and maintain good relationships with smugglers, arms dealers, pirates, and organized crime syndicates.[1]


In the beginning TerraFirst! was a radical movement which started in an anonymous online board. It's members are rumored to be vast, but no one is certain as to the real number. People viewed it as a joke, until random acts of violence started being done and TerraFirst! claimed responsibility.

Several players claiming to be part of TerraFirst! were arrested by the US govt. following the attack on the Shiawase Nuclear facility, however it was discovered from them that they had no association with TerraFirst! other than co-oping the name and being paid large sums of money by anonymous donors. US Govt. officials released statements claiming TerraFirst! to be a hoax and the organization didn't actually exist, but rather, multiple copycats were spawned from the concept of TerraFirst! using the name to curry favor with the public, which still viewed them positively as there were many opponents to the starting of the Shiawase Nuclear Generator.

The result of this incident was the Shiawase Decision.


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