Terri Ann Riberio was the second voice for the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn between the years of 2028 to 2039. She was a reporter before Dunkelzahn hired her. She is described as “perky and personable” and had a successful but bland acting career after she left the service of Dunkelzahn, possibly not under the most friendly of circumstances. She is the current host of Wyrm Talk with the new dragon, Masaru.

She received the following bequest from Dunkelzahn in his will:

To Terri Ann Riberio, I leave ownership of vid-station KZHN in Los Angeles, CFS and all of my stock in MegaMedia, Brilliant Genesis Studios and Amalgamated Studios. I further leave an additional 30 million nuyen to Ms. Riberio for the production of a film biography of my modern life and times. Terri, you have always been a speaker of the truth as well as a crafter of dreams and I hope that you will continue to do both in the future.


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