The Texas A&M University is a renowned university in College Station, Texas.

Established in 1871 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (AMC), the first classes began on October 4, 1876. In the 1960s the name was officially changed to Texas A&M University with the A&M being designated as now symbolic of the schools past. Circa 2026 it started magical studies and briefly flirted with adding a second M (for magic) to its name.

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  • The Grimoire (14th Edition, ©1990, page 8; 15th Edition, ©1992, page 10) used "Texas A&M&M".
  • The Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America (©1992, page 106) used "Texas A&M".
  • Most later Shadowrun books also simply use Texas A&M.

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