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The Atlantean Foundation (AF) was created in 2012 by Sheila Blatavska in Atlanta, CAS. Atlanta remains the headquarters of the AF. The principal purpose of the AF is to regain the lost knowledge of old Atlantis. It leads many expeditions for this lost knowledge, and also finds and supports similar projects.

The AF has over 20 million members worldwide as of 2070, and it has a popular worldwide monthly electronic magazine, which often discusses its current research and newly-found magical artifacts. The AF has, among its members, academics, field operatives, public relations specialists, and many mundane citizens interested in Awakened topics.

The foundation is one of the larger producers of trideo world-wide and the largest in the CAS. In addition, since 2057, the company is very interested in everything that has to do with magic.

The Atlantean Foundation was endowed with five million nuyen by Dunkelzahn in his will. The money was a reward donated for "their search for the truth". In addition, the genuine fingerbones of Saint Dunstan, an archbishop of Canterbury (961 - 980), were given to the AF.

The Atlantean Foundation has a seat on the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research Board of Directors. As of 2072, the foundation's representative was Casey Williams.

Admitted discovery sites and excavation places[]

Safety device of the prospecting licenses of natural orichalcum in the Caucus Mountains during the passing of Halley's Comet in 2061 and 2062.
Archeological excavation in the proximity of Riga for Nordic artifacts.
Concentration on the limestone caves under the ruins of the city Ubar, near Ash Shisr. Ubar was released a legendary commercial town by a sandstorm, by reverence lacking of the inhabitants in relation to God, was destroyed. Afterwards the city is to have been homeland of animal, measure-arranged creatures with one eye, arm and leg only each.
Sahara Desert
Discovery of a ship designed for troll-sized passengers.
One of many suspected locations of Atlantis. Special attention lies in the Levantine basin, which carried in former times the name Tritonyde Lake. An antique Ampore, which contained scrolls of the Athener, of legislator Solon RK Sais, was discovered. The AF von Humanis was stolen.

Covert activity[]

Pan-African Tribal Lands
A suspected agent in Lagos possessing an artifact stolen from the Draco Foundation.

Mystic Crusaders[]

The Mystic Crusaders is a secretive group that is at least somewhat connected to the foundation, particularly founder Sheila Blatavska. The group is rumored to follow rules from an ancient Atlantean order.

Similar organizations[]


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