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The Chromed Accountant is a Seattle shadowrunner who frequently posts on the Shadowland BBS. He is known to be an expert in economics in general, and corporate economics in particular, and is well-respected on Shadowland for his expertise. His known icon is that of a slim man with chrome skin, dark hair, and glasses with thin rectangular lenses, wearing a stylized chic business suit with a light collarless shirt and the graphics of nuyen symbols running up and down his jacket and pants. A self-described “workaholic,” he formerly was an undercover investigator for the IRS in New York before his move to the shadows (reportedly “because it’s safer” [1]). He has written several articles for Shadowland, which can be found in Corporate Download and System Failure, among other sources. Sometimes he has the signature “It’s all about dollars and sense” on his posts. During the Novatech IPO, he was able to purchase enough Novatech shares to “start thinking about retiring to a nice tropical island.”


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