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The Crying Masks is a terrorist group based in the Algonkian-Manitou Council.


The Crying Masks are a violent splinter group of the False Face Society. They consist of disenchanted False Face members and those who have failed the rigorous requirements to enter the False Face Society. The Crying Masks often use their magical ability to stage terrorist attacks against cybertechnology and biotech corporations, and are known to channel nature spirits to augment their magical combat abilities. Like the False Face Society, they are well known for using ritual masks. Unlike those used by the False Face Society, they typically augment magic abilities that help in their clandestine operations.


The Crying Masks have approximately 150 members (Haudenosaunee). It requires that it's members give half of their earnings and any magical artifacts they acquire to the organization. They also generate income from their involvement in smuggling and shadow ops.[1]


The Crying Masks have sabotaged and destroyed biosculpting salons, cloning facilities, research labs, and cyberware clinis. It has abducted family members to force cybertechnicians to quit and make a change in careers, threatened or assaulted university professors, and kidnapped or assassinated the owners of "gengineering" companies. Their deckers have created viruses that spread across implant software, resulting in cyberware that experiences system crashes and malfunctions.[2]


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