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The Crypt

Warning: Spoiler Alert - the information below gives details on the Shadowrun Novel "A Fistful of Data"

Once located in the Puyallup Barrens (as of 2063), the Crypt is home to many area squatters; some are metahumans with a severe allergy to sunlight. The Crypt serves as sanctuary to shadowrunners who need a place to lie low; it's also a school for local kids that teaches mundane and magical topics, a medicine lodge, a clinic that provides mundane and magical healing, and a street talismonger shop (the telesma is gathered from the local area wastes and from the Crypt's own garden). It's a safe haven for those who don't have one, and up until the events of "A Fistful of Data," was run by a human snake shaman named Boanerges (who was also leader of the Crypt's magical coven).

The original Crypt was located in the ruins of a factory onced owned by Monolith Medical, a biomed company that went down in the riots of 2021. At that time Monolith manufactured medical storage devices and containers, recylced medical and bio-hazardous waste, and also provided a secure vault for those items that couldn't or were too dangerous to recycle. Among these materials were the last remaining samples for GNX-IV, a virus that could supposedly reverse goblinization.

The Crypt supported nearly a dozen residents, and could support more in a time of crisis. It maintained toilets, showers (chemical and with water collected from rain barrels), some power (tapped from the local light poles), a mundane and hermetic library, the above-mentioned clinic, beds, and even a jackpoint (back in the wired days of the Matrix).

Because of the events from "A Fistful of Data" take place, the Crypt relocates near Hell's Kitchen. The place once was a motel and restaurant before it was bought out by the Universal Brotherhood, and then overrun by ghouls after the UB pulled out. The place was legally purchased by the Crypt's remaining coven members.

The current Crypt has double the amount of space the original place had. It has running hot water, showers, laundry, a better clinic, and upgraded facilities that were mentioned above. The Crypt is an excellent place to purchase telesma and ritual items, and to make contacts with some of Seattle's top-tier shadowrunners.

The Crypt also maintains decent magical security in the form of watchers, natural barriers, a medicine lodge (or 2), and several circles. This is bolstered by spirits and elementals that are summoned by the resident magicians and shamans.

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