The Gingerbread Man (the Man Who Cannot Die) was Aztlan's Most Wanted criminal, and the Scourge of the Caribbean.[1] Leader of the Caribbean pirates, the Gingerbread Gang. He has an elf girlfriend named Miss Muffet (although in 2071 Kane claimed the Gingerbread Man was married to a sukuyan). He's credited for crashing the "Lone Star in the CAS" on Shadowland in 2054.[2] The NBS network based the action trideo show The Cyberpirates of the Caribbean on his exploits.[3] The Gringerbread Man claimed to be uncybered.

He had a rivalry with Kane. An announced looting duel with Kane seems never to have happened.[4] He disappeared (along with his ship) two weeks after writing an article for Shadowland on the Caribbean League.[5]

During the tempo war of 2071 he re-appeared in the Caribbean and started moving large amounts of the magical drug tempo north to the shores of South Florida, establishing a good working relationship with the voodoo syndicate of the Zobop.[6]

Late 2074, the Gingerbread Man apparently finally meet his demise in his hands of Kane. Gingersnap, the daughter he had with Miss Muffet, but raised by Nix Naught, took over his position and is now running the pirate King island of Black Diamond.[7]

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