The Sea Dragon
Type Great Leviathan
Sex Female
Coloring Green
Metahuman Form(s) Unknown
Primary Lair Cardigan Bay, Wales, UK
Translator Unknown

The Sea Dragon is probably the least understood of all the Great Dragons. She is most well known for eco terrorist actions against ocean polluters. Her true name is unpronounceable by metahumanity, which is why she goes by the alias, "the Sea Dragon."

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History[edit | edit source]

So lets look back to February 2063 when the confirmation of the Sea Dragon was released to the world by Jolly Roberts. He retrieved the data from the head-ware of Edwin Carring after Carring died. Carring was working for the Sea dragon and had been receiving payments in the form of treasure and Orichalcum. The only notable job Carrigan carried out for her was to see if Hestaby had her long lost dragon eggs. This was the first time anyone been confirmed working for the Sea Dragon and likely her first contact with the Atlantean Foundation.

With that same download it was referenced that Rhonabwy, attracted by her singing voice/mating call, seduced the Sea Dragon disguised as another great leviathan. She saw through his disguise when she coupled with him and from there it ended badly. She swore to raise the babies to hate Rhonabwy. Rhonabwy struck a deal with Hestaby to guard the eggs after he switched them out with fakes in exchange for backings in various ventures. The Queen of the sea took a nap that lasted a few years and woke up angry realizing her eggs had been switched.

Fast forward to 2074 when Aqua Elf released a download giving more insight on the Sea Dragon. She states that the Sea Dragon has 3 massive lairs and many more smaller ones across the globe. Her primary one is in Cardigan Bay and guarded by Merrow and water spirits summoned by the Merrow shaman and the Sea Dragon herself. Her second one is off the western coast of Hawai'i. She owns an undersea mountain and everything within about 10,000 square kilometers of it through a shell company called Island Divers. She stores dragon eggs here and has a sizable mining operation. This particular lair is guarded by trained Sea Drakons and Storm Dolphins. Its notable that she has as many as 30 dragon eggs there and only 12 were given to her by great dragons. This is likely where she is keeping her eggs when they were returned to her after Hestaby's exile.

Her last layer is in Indonesia under a few atolls and nameless isles. This one isn't as guarded as the others. Just some native trolls with rock hard skin. This is where she met and struck a deal with Masaru. She also brings changelings that developed aquatic attributes and interviews them. She takes the ones that are useful and genuinely want to train under her and eats the rest. The ones she trains wind up with some sort of magical trinket that allows the Sea Dragon to call on them at any time. This is also where she meets with runners that do her bidding.

Her more recent activities indicate that she is starting to have her minions trash underwater enclaves and clear out any sort of foothold metahumanity has in her underwater domain. It's believed she is doing this so she can take her time and hatch a clutch of eggs. This is in addition to her funding a number of eco-terrorist cells. The most notable cell she funds is a group of welsh druids. Proteus AG has labeled her a terrorist despite not having conclusive evidence of her alleged crimes.

Her wealth and power are great. Where most Great Dragons fight over territories on and above land she holds sole command of everything under water. To put this in perspective this gives her control of 70% of the earths surface. Her lairs are filled with treasures pilfered from sunken ships and mined materials. During the year of the comet she took the opportunity to have the Merrow mine obscene amounts of Orichalcum. Her Hawai'i lair is being constantly mined for gold and silver.

She does not suffer metahumans. She barely tolerates them. She eats them on a regular basis and displays the resulting feces as warning to would be intruders. She has a mighty attitude and has the power to prove it. There is a report of her taking on a pack of aggressive megalodons and winning.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The Sea Dragon has a sizeable army of merrow.

She has access to a large amount of orichalcum, which odds are she was able to mine freely during the Year of the Comet with her merrow army.

She is believed to be a significant funder of a number of eco terrorist groups, such as a group of Welsh druids.

She is believed to have ties to the Atlantean Foundation.

Relationship with other Dragons[edit | edit source]

The Sea Dragon is known to have an intense rivalry with Rhonabwy which seems to have span centuries. It appears that Rhonabwy had mated with the Sea Dragon and then stole her eggs.

Because of her terrorist attacks on Saeder-Krupp facilities in the North Sea, it can be very safely assumed that Lofwyr and the Sea Dragon are at odds with each other.

In the 2060's the Sea Dragon was attempting to reacquire an unknown artifact that originally belonged to her, but somehow fell into the hands of Hestaby. This presumably put the two dragons on bad terms.

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