The Smiling Bandit is a well-known decker who has a special interest in Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, and Chemistry. He is well-versed in all aspects of current scientific research, and he is able to debate the world's top scientists as a peer and equal. He is known to play "pranks" on certain biotechnology companies, usually to uncover or undermine some unethical research. His signature is noteworthy in that he somehow manages to replace his time/date stamp with the words "Strikes Again! Ha! Ha! Ha!" or some variation thereof.

Of all his icons, he prefers to use a cartoonish figure with a black cowboy hat, lined coat, and bandana. The figure has a mischievous pair of eyes and grin, and has elongated arms that stretch to steal various datafiles and icons.

It is rumored that he was a student at UCLA, and that he is currently living as a hermit in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He typically only accepts jobs that provide some sort of personal edification for his considerable scientific knowledge, such as stealing paydata from a Genetech corporation.

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