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Thema Laula - 2071

Queen Thema Laula is the founder and Queen of the Ghoul nation of Asamando. She is also referred to as "The Queen of the Dead."

Appearance []

Based on a UN Report by uninfected humans who visited the Nation of Asamando and survived. She is noted as having an unusual appearance but highly impressive charisma.  In one Shadow file she is described as "unmistakably a corpse in appearance, a gray-skinned and hunchbacked, blind, old woman with scrawny limbs reminiscent of a weaver beetle's legs and and unmistakable rotten odor.

Biography []

Thema Laula has governed the Ghoul nation of Asamando since its founding on 1 June 2030. Since then, she has personally negotiated deals with delegations of various corporations such as DBO and SK, which usually involved gold and diamonds on one side and modern technology on the other. She negotiated with Ares on a special broadcast on NBS, and in 2058 personally met with the Asantehene for talks about state recognition of Asamando by the Asante nation.

In the early 2070s, thanks to a doppelganger who had taken her throne for just this purpose, she escaped attempted murder by a man named Rafel, who had sneaked in under the cover name of "Jonathan Breedlove" as a member of a delegation. The unsuccessful assassin was then torn apart and eaten to pieces by the ghoul queen herself- who had now showed her true form and her court, after she assured his companion that she was not blaming SK for the attack, and continued to do good Relations with the Essener Megakon are] interested.

After the outbreak of the wild ghouls from the underground prisons and their devastating attack on the UN inspectors, the truth about the conditions in Asamando and the actual proportion of wild, animal and degenerate ghouls in the total population of the Ghoul nation have become public knowledge. On November 16, 2074 just before she could address a speech to her people and the world Thema Laula suffered a heart attack and collapsed. Nine days later, on November 25th, the Ghoul Queen died. Her daughter and designated heir to the throne Rani Laula was then promptly crowned as the new monarch of Asamando. She symbolically ate the heart of her mother and declared a 44 day period of national mourning.

Position []

Considered an absolute ruler, the Queen is universally loved and adored by her subjects, despite her oppressive regime, which includes the forced sterilisation of ghouls reduced to feral states as a result of the HMHVV infection and her use of slave labourers in the mines.


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